The Oven Charmer

A Professional and Community-Spirited Business

Do you ever think that the time you spend cleaning your kitchen oven could be put to a more enjoyable and useful activity?

Do you think firms should all be as eco-friendly as possible? Would you be impressed by a firm who profess to being passionate about local charities and who even donate some of their time and profits to them? If you have answered, “Yes, absolutely!” to these questions, then now is time for you to get in touch with Dan Thompson, founder of The Oven Charmer business.

Since establishing his professional oven cleaning business in 2019, local man, Dan Thompson, has been building up a solid base of over eight-hundred regular customers who have their oven cleaned every six to twelve months. There is currently a four to six week waiting time for Dan and his van to pull on to your drive, so business is certainly brisk enough for Dan to be planning on adding an additional cleaner to cope with the demand for his excellent service.

The Oven Charmer provides professional oven cleaning that is eco-friendly and totally caustic-soda free! All cleaning products are safe and not harmful to pets or children, and the oven can be used straight after the clean. You’ll get none of those nasty fumes or smells like you get with most DIY oven-cleaning products!

A single oven clean usually takes an hour, whilst the “range” type would be more likely two hours long. This is no surprise when considering how thorough the process will be: fully dismantling the oven, taking all removable parts to soak in a specially designed dip tank in the back of the van, and then re-assembling it.

All types of ovens, ranges, AGAs, hobs, extractors (including changing the filters) and microwaves are on Dan’s “hit-list”, besides offering replacement bulbs for ovens, heavy duty oven liners and the fixing of any faults. A wide area of South Lincolnshire as far afield as Lincoln and Boston is covered, as well as Peterborough and other parts of North Cambridgeshire.

The Oven Charmer business is passionate about getting involved with local charities and are proud to support good causes like the ‘Don’t Lose Hope’ charity, based in Bourne.

They are always happy to support the local community, recently donating £10 per oven clean for an entire week and raising a total of £220 for local charities. They have also donated free oven cleans to people in the community who are themselves doing wonderful things for charities in the local area of Bourne and Spalding.

Oven Charmer

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