The Home Buying Process

Advice from LUCA PALUMBO, Mortgage & Protection Consultant

For many, a home move is a daunting process and, without the right guidance, it can become much more frustrating and stressful than it needs to be. From my own personal perspective as a broker, the issues are often born out of a breakdown in communication and a misunderstanding of the process as a whole.

Although the following information will come from a position of bias, I honestly believe that speaking with a mortgage broker prior to embarking on any home move, either as someone who has bought and sold before or as a first-time buyer, is the most important first step you can make.

In my initial meeting with a prospective client, I will cover the entire process of purchasing a home. This will cover in detail all the costs involved, when they need to be paid, and who they need to be paid to.

I will also outline where each party fits into the process, (the estate agent, the lender, the solicitor) and how I will be involved in communicating with all parties to ensure a smooth moving process.

Once we have established what you want to achieve, and we are able to apply for your mortgage, we will request various documents from you that we know the lender will want to assess. Following our due diligence and assessment of documents to ensure they would be suitable to a particular lender, we would then seek to obtain an agreement in principle which will give peace of mind and confidence to make an offer on a new home.

Because we have chosen the right lender for your circumstances and carried out necessary checks, we can move promptly to a full mortgage application, once you have successfully had an offer accepted on a new home.

Working with lenders’ underwriters, we aim to get the case agreed, survey carried out and progressed to a full mortgage offer in a timely fashion.
Keeping you well informed along the way and working with all parties, we will have you unpacking in your new home in no time at all.Agentis

Effective advice and efficient service, it’s what we do!

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