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Landlords frequently ask us whether they can bring their rental property over to Newton Fallowell without any disruption to their tenant or to their monthly payments. Many landlords assume that to change your letting agent you must wait until the end of an existing tenancy, which is not the case!

A tenancy agreement is a contract between the landlord and the tenant, and changing agent does not affect the legal rights of either. If a letting agent has not been delivering on service, it is likely that the tenant will be pleased that the management is changing, and they may be more likely to stay in the property for longer.

We are experienced in taking over management from other letting agents and using these:

10 Simple Steps:

1. Contractual Obligations

We can assist you with understanding your existing agent’s contract and any financial penalties that you should be aware of and advise you on how to give notice.

2 We’ll refund your exit fees

Don’t worry if your old agent tried to charge you for leaving; we will cover the cost of your exit fees, subject to terms and conditions.

3 Contact the tenant

We will liaise with the tenant directly regarding the changeover, letting them know who we are and when we will be taking over the property.

4 Contact your current agent

We will liaise with your agent to start the switch process and advise them of the process we will undertake.

5 Obtain tenancy documentation

Including the tenancy agreement, deposit scheme prescribed information, referencing and check-in documents and inventory report.

6 Obtain property documentation

Including safety certificates and warranties. We will check that your property is fully compliant with current safety legislation.

7 Collect keys

We will collect all sets of keys that are held by your previous agent and register them on to our system.

8 Transfer of deposit

We will transfer your tenant’s deposit and issue them with a new deposit certificate and prescribed information if necessary.

9 Arrange a property visit

We will arrange to visit your property as soon as possible; inspections are then carried out every quarter.

10 Change of standing order

We will make sure that your tenant updates their standing order to our client account to pay their monthly rent.

It’s as simple as that! We’d be delighted to discuss with you about how easy it is to switch your rental property to Newton Fallowell with no interruption to your rental payments at all. We don’t want you to be out of pocket by switching your management over to Newton Fallowell so once you’ve successfully switched, we’ll refund your exit fees, subject to terms and conditions.

Want to discuss our Let’s Switch guarantee further or ready to make the move? Call our friendly and proactive lettings team today on 01778 422567

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