10 Top Tips to cope with a another Lockdown


So here we are again, “locked down” in the Covid-19 pandemic. Why not try some of our top ten, tried and tested, tips to help you cope?

1 Catch up with friends

Pick up the phone and get chatting with friends and relatives as well, especially elderly ones and those living alone; they’d be especially glad to hear from you.

2 Meditation

One of the best things you can do for mental health is to incorporate meditation into your daily ritual. Not only will this help you remain calm, it may also help to boost your immune system.

3 Get fit

Push back your furniture and you’ve got yourself a gym! Then you can exercise every day, keeping strong, fit and supple. You’ll need a mat or some cushions for floor exercises, and ideally some props, such as a ball, beanbag or a set of weights. If you have a blood pressure monitor, you can track your increasing fitness.

4 Be Creative

Ever dreamed of having the time to write a book, produce poetry or create some music? Perhaps a penchant for fine art? Now is the time for you!

5 Prepare some tasty meals

Research and produce some tasty meals and treats. Your normal lifestyle may not allow for much cooking, but now you have all the time in the world.

6 Learn a new language

This is the ideal time to start, or polish up a language you already have some grounding in. When you’ve chosen your language, go online and scroll through the lists of organizations and individuals offering relevant tutoring.

7 Play games

Dig out all your old board games or card packs. Why not join an online club to play the game of your choice with real, live opponents? If you want more physical activity, set an obstacle course around your furniture or, if possible, outside.

8 Earn money online

If you’re interested in enhancing your income, browse the listings for recommended earning routes, then look into your preferred options more closely for an informed choice. Many people succeed in earning pocket-money, or much more, online.

9 Read

Open a book, real or virtual, and escape to the world of fiction. Alternatively, there’s a wealth of non-fiction publications to explore, from “How to” guides and subject-specializing books to biographies and true stories. Many people find poetry helpful in challenging situations.

10 Make some home improvements

Here is the chance to focus on improving your home without interruption. Whilst major works might have to wait, you can at least rearrange the furniture and swap your pictures around. If you have access to paint, wallpaper or varnish, you can also do some decorating.




just remember there are always others worse off than yourself. Please don’t forget your elderly or vulnerable neighbours; an offer of help, a wave from the window, or a treat left on the doorstep is enough to brighten
their day.

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