Looking Back on 2020 and Hoping for a Better 2021

by CLAIRE GRAY, owner of Renu

January is usually a time for us all to think about losing a few pounds, getting fitter or beating the belly fat.

Whilst all of these things are important for our overall health and wellbeing, I think it’s fair to say that the Covid pandemic has taught us all to appreciate the simpler things in life and be grateful for our health, whatever our body shape. This being said, it has also proved that maintaining a healthy weight and keeping fit is essential to our overall wellbeing and leaves us less vulnerable to infection.

It has certainly been a challenging year, but we have also seen more rainbows than ever before. We have overcome our fears and learned new skills. We have felt the benefit of a daily walk in the fresh air and many of us have tried new forms of exercise.

With gyms and studio classes intermittently closed, it has been more challenging than ever to keep up an exercise routine. There have also been lots of opportunities to try new activities and hone our computer skills as the fitness world has become even more accessible online.

I have been delighted with how popular the Zoom classes I have been running have turned out, and very encouraged with the positive feedback, as people are able to make classes more accessible, less intimidating and a platform for some much-needed social interaction.

Our mental health has become more important than ever, and exercise is a great way to increase endorphins and brighten your mood. I have always advocated that exercise is about mental and physical wellbeing, but this year, more than ever, my advice is to make a resolution to exercise for this reason as a priority. You may just find that your waistline responds accordingly!

As we approach some of the coldest months of the year, remember that wearing a mask is a great way to keep your face warm as well as keeping you safe, so try to take advantage of the fresh air and make it your aim to continue to strive for a fitter, healthier you for 2021.

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