As Christmas Approaches…


Some legal thoughts from Double & Megson


As Christmas draws near in this most extraordinary of years, everyone will have differing emotions. From a legal perspective as solicitors, we continue to help our clients manage risk. There are potentially new risks if the coronavirus crisis continues over an unknown period.

What has not changed is that we all need help with our legal concerns. At Double and Megson, we continue to advise and help our clients. At this time of the year we all think of family and friends more than ever. Perhaps we have not updated our will lately or we may need a Lasting Power of Attorney. Maybe we are considering a house move, remembering that the moratorium on Stamp Duty will last until the end of March 2021.

Solicitors often advise and represent clients in differing types of disagreement or negotiations. There is a move towards a more conciliatory course of negotiations which is less contentious. It is, of course, never perfect but it is a well-intentioned effort to try to reduce the costs of a dispute. That emphasis seems particularly apt at this time of the season. Whilst not perfect, it is certainly worth considering.

From a present-buying perspective, consumers were given extra protection in the Consumer Rights Act a few years ago but that has still not resulted in a trouble-free present or goods-buying experience.

However, it has improved matters somewhat, especially in the purchase of used motor vehicles. The latter however are not that likely to fit in a Christmas present sack or down the chimney!

Anyone wishing to take up the role of Santa this year will have to face restrictions and will need to socially distance. I wonder how many reindeer are needed and will they be allowed?

However you choose to spend the season,
we wish you a Merry Christmas


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