Wiltshire Farm Foods


Wiltshire Farm Foods has always sought to provide delicious and nutritious meals, bringing sunshine directly to your doors with its no-nonsense, good old-fashioned service.

You may not feel like venturing out to the shops yet, so why not steer clear of the supermarkets and keep warm and safe at home, whilst Wiltshire Farm Foods brings you service with a smile?

This autumn, customers can look forward to a choice of three hundred and fifty dishes, with ranges to suit all appetites and dietary requirements, thanks to the company’s expert chefs and registered dietitian, plus twenty-seven delicious new meals, providing more variety and choice than ever before.

The team at Wiltshire Farm Foods, Peterborough, is excited to launch its new ‘Autumn & Winter’ range which also features a variety of portion sizes, including Hearty, Mini and Main, as the company understands the need to cater to different appetites.

Continuing to adhere to government guidelines to ensure the safety of both its delivery drivers and customers, non-contact drops are being performed as default, with drivers stopping for a friendly chat on the doorstep instead. They will only enter the premises when customers are unable to collect the meals themselves and place in their freezers directly, all the while maintaining social distancing. All drivers are equipped with hand sanitiser and gloves and follow a strict hand-hygiene policy.

You can’t depend on the weather, but you can depend on Wiltshire Farm Foods to brighten your day! For more information on the new ‘Autumn & Winter’ range, please visit: www.wiltshirefarmfoods.com.

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