Sparkling Wines from Germany


German wines have an excellent reputation, globally. Riesling grapes are outstanding for the productions of high-quality wines, which range from deliciously dry, through to very sweet. The cool climate, in and around the Rheingau area, (around the River Rhine), suits this grape variety perfectly.

The WineBarn imports, and then makes available, fine wines with exceptional qualities. Iris Ellmann is MD and one of the UK’s first members of The Riesling Fellowship. The WineBarn and the wines offered have received numerous prestigious awards. A rare and antique wine sourcing service is also offered.

Allendorf, based in the Rheingau region, has a family history dating back more than seven hundred years. Allendorf Sekt Brut (12.5% vol)
I found to be very refreshing, enticing with a citrus fruit bouquet, for the nasal pleasures. The flavours of fruits on the mouthfeel continue through to the palate’s enjoyment, for this elegant production. Two fermentations, with the second being for a minimum of twelve months, contribute to an end result, very much favoured by many.

Bassermann-Jordan estate, based in the Pfalz region, was founded in 1718. Popular with many sparkling wine lovers is their Riesling Sekt Brut (12% vol). Following the pressing and fermentation processes, this Sekt’s fermentation continues in
the bottle for approximately twelve months. The fruity bouquet appeals and leads to the mouth’s indulgence, which is refreshing and elegant, through to the very last drop.

Solter, also based in the Rheingau region, produce a fantastic Rosé Brut (13% vol). It has refreshing red fruit flavours, following the nose’s delight on the bouquet. It is splendid for adding colour to any occasion, and particularly popular for al fresco dining. 100% Pinot Noir grapes are used to great advantage for the production of this wine. www.thewinebarn/collections/solter

These superb sparkling wines, all with wonderful perlages, are great by themselves and make a fabulous accompaniment for many cuisines too. The WineBarn also offers an ordering system that is easy and available online. Existing clients include Michelin-starred restaurants, hotels and private clients, plus retailers, homes and offices.

The WineBarn Ltd,
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Tel: 01962 761 215

As always, enjoy!

Trevor Langley

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